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Stickier makeups? Try DocLab Face Ampoule

03:28Wyne Koh

Lately I've been extremely busy and stressed on work. I think I have to start prioritizing all my tasks to avoid myself being burned out with with so many things going on in my mind :/ If there are too many tasks in my to-do list without setting deadline and prioritizing them, I think most probably I'll burned out before the marathon ends. 

Back to the topic for today, which is something cheerful & fun aside from my work! I always wanted to try this product that was introduced by Caroline, she mentioned to me that finally she is able to apply her makeups easily & smoothly after using this product! Finally, today I have the time to blog about this awesome product which was formulated in South Korea, introducing the Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoule, from DocLab Korea.

This is the first time I'm using an ampoule. I feel kinda safe and confident while using this product because somewhat, I have confidence on Korea's products. On top of that, this ampoule is made of natural ingredients, alcohol free and paraben free. All these ingredients makes me feel more secure while using this ampoule. I kinda avoid products with paraben as one of the ingredient because it is prohibited in some countries out there. *therefore I believe it is harmful*

I have dry and dull skin, and it makes me look tired. I used to laugh a lot without thinking that it will cause me wrinkles and perhaps, this habit has causes the wrinkles to grow on my face and stay there even when I am not laughing. So I feel really excited to try this product!

The DocLab Face Ampoule comes in a box of 5 (2ml each) ampoules inside. Each separated from one another to avoid breaking as the container is made of glass.

I kinda like the appearance of the glass actually, cause I'm a collector of those nice looking glass containers!

Some of the fantastic functions of this face ampoule:

  • boost skin moisture
  • deep hydration
  • restore skin suppleness and elasticity
  • protect skin from excessive chemical from cosmetic products
  • works quickly to restore skins' lost collagen production
  • smoothen fine lines and reduces wrinkles
  • powerful skin whitening and lightening
  • easier to apply makeup and will last longer and face looks less oily
Can you resist these?

Here's the steps for the application:

You have to clean your face with cleanser and apply toner as usual. Place the ampoule bottle on a tissue.

See the silver line near the bottle's neck? This is where you're going to snap it apart.

Cover the ampoule bottle with tissue and apply pressure in backward direction, not front not side! And after you've snapped it, don't cover back the cap but leave it apart, open up the tissue and take the bottle with ampoule out, then you can throw away the tissue and the cap.

Pour the essense into your palm and gently smooth over your face and neck with upward motion. Dab the remaining essence dry to let your face to fully absorb all of the essence. And you may continue with your routine of applying moisturizer and makeup. If you're using this at night, you may want to apply night cream after the essence.

After a few days of using the DocLab Face Ampoule, I found out that my face has speedy recovery for the reddish caused by acne wound. This is something amazing to me because normally it takes a few weeks for the reddish on my face to go away. And during this awful moment, I have to use some time to cover it up during makeup. I can feel my face is more hydrated the next day. And whenever I use this product, my makeup will stay on my face well whether during applying or the whole day. So I won't mind to apply this booster although this is an extra step I have to take.

You can grab this set of 5 in the price for only RM98 (normal price RM138)! Their aim is to keep up with the latest beauty trends from Korea affordable for all women in the world. Go grab it before the promotion ends!

More about DocLab and the product, you may visit:

Happy shopping :))

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